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Since Dan and I have been lifting together as of late, he noticed that I’m recovering a bit too easily from our work outs. Admittedly, without realising, I had reached a bit of a plateau where I wasn’t increasing my weight and thus not challenging my body.

Today is the first day I’ve been pushed to the point where I had muscle fatigue and had to finish earlier than planned and I can actually feel the tops of my shoulders and biceps ache. Dan’s reassured me that your biceps are muscles you can really fatigue without damaging them (within reason obviously) and he also told me he could see some definition as I was doing my reps which is all kinds of awesome. Make room noodle arms, we’ve finally got some muscles coming in!

Bicep curls (EZ bar) 12.5kg – 20 reps in 5/10/5 sets
Upright row 12.5kg – 20 reps in 4 sets of 5
Military press 12.5kg – 13 reps and then I had to quit because my arms just did not want to cooperate.

I’m somewhat scared that if I don’t have DOMS tomorrow that he’ll just increase my weights for the next time, haha. It’s awesome having someone knowledgeable to work out with even if he does kick my butt if I back-chat. 🙂

I’m having the weekend off as it is a busy one and next week I will definitely be incorporating Insanity work outs into my work out week alongside the weights.

Have a good weekend, guys and girls.


Like a kid at Christmas!

So the day came a lot earlier than we’d planned but I am now in possession of Dan’s weights! With his labour-intensive job he doesn’t have the time or energy to work out currently – much to his frustration – so he asked if I wanted to bring the weights to my house early; is the Pope catholic? Does a bear crap in the woods? Okay… I think you get what I’m trying to say.

I bundled them in my car and when I got home I said to my mum, “I have great news, I can finally weight train at home!!” to which she replied, “The fact that you get excited about this is somewhat disturbing, if the hallway starts smelling like a gym i.e. your pits, I will be revoking your membership to this house” which made me laugh.

Even though it was the evening and I’m more of a morning work out person, I figured I wasn’t patient enough to wait to use them, so I thought to myself “I’ll just pick 3 simple exercises and do 3 rounds, it’ll be quick and easy”. Somehow, a supposed quick and simple session turned into an hour long routine, whoops. It is now apparent not only was I impatient, I also find it difficult to curb my enthusiasm.

The jelly arms weights work out

Bicep curls – 5kg, 10 repetitions, 2 rounds
Tricep extension – 2.5kg 10 repetitions, 3 rounds
Alternating deltoid raises – 5kg, 10 repetitions, 2 rounds
Upright row – 12.5kg, 10 repetitions, 2 rounds
Arnold presses – 5kg, 10 repetitions, 2 rounds
Core busters, 10 repetitions, 3 rounds (one for each arm movement variation)
Shoulder presses – 5kg, 10 repetitions, 2 rounds
Military press – 15kg, 10 repetitions, 2 rounds
Squats – 15kg, 10 repetitions, 2 rounds

Boy, are my arms gonna be mad at me tomorrow. Hope you’ve all had a good Easter, I ate far too much chocolate. 🙂

I may have cheated…

It’s been 5 days since I got my tattoo and I was meant to leave it longer ’til I worked out, but I just couldn’t wait. I did weights rather than insanity to try and reduce sweating yet I still felt gross because of the grease-like lotion I have to keep on the tattoo until it’s fully healed. I went easy on myself and didn’t spend too long working out, just enough to get my muscles nicely warm and aching a little. Once the tattoo has fully peeled, which I imagine judging by what’s left will be tomorrow or Thursday, I’ll either do weights again or insanity before I return home for the weekend, where insanity will commence once more.

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Insanity and weights is insanity indeed

Today I went back into Insanity at week 2 – cardio power and resistance. Is it wrong of me to admit once I was past the initial warm up I realised I had missed it? This is how it starts guys, haha.

Power jumps are getting somewhat easier thankfully, however I absolutely could not do the tricep dips with one leg extended, boo.

After that I wanted to do some weights so I put Korn on iTunes and killed it. You guys have no idea how happy I am to say that I bicep curled my heaviest weight to date at 7.5kg!

Weight reps with 15-30 seconds between rounds:
4 tricep extensions 2.5kg – 4 rounds
5 deltoid raises 2.5kg – 4 rounds
5 press flyes (also known as back flyes) 2.5 – 4 rounds
5 bicep curls 5kg – 4 rounds
5 renagade rows 5kg – 4 rounds
5 bicep curls 7.5kg – 2 rounds
5 bench press 15kg – 4 rounds
5 military press 15kg – 2 rounds
5 bent over rows 15kg – 2 rounds
5 military press 12.5kg – 2 rounds
5 bent over rows 12.5kg – 2 rounds

Hope you all enjoy your workouts today, I’m off to have myself a delicious protein pancake with a duck egg for once instead of hen – they’re massive!