Low weight, high reps.

Hi all,

My life has been so hectic as of late I feel like my feet have barely touched the ground. Dan’s moved a lot of his stuff over so he’s officially living with me which is really exciting. We’ve been busy clearing space in my house, looking after my mum who’s still resting her foot after an operation and in between all that I’m trying to get some crochet commissions and digital art done!

On Wednesday we did weights and after a discussion Dan and I had about a girl on TV who was slim but had bulky arms. It was clear she worked out but I couldn’t understand why she had big arms but no muscle definition, to which Dan explained to me that some people prefer to build mass rather than size and definition. He recommended low weights but high reps for me so that’s what I did.

Bicep curls 5kg, 15 reps – 2 rounds
Upright row 10kg, 10 reps – 3 rounds
Military press 12.5kg, 10 reps – 1 round
Military press 10kg, 10 reps – 2 rounds
Tricep extensions 2.5kg, 15 reps – 2 rounds

I’ve also swapped my protein intake to Sci-MX Ultragen Whey Protein and I gotta say, I’m already impressed. The two flavours I’ve tried have both been delicious but I went with strawberry and I’m now having it every day as a mid-morning snack and before bed (to stop me eating a lot before I sleep) and after training. Now I’m actually on genuine protein I’m excited to see what progress I can make with a properly¬†fuelled¬†body.

Yesterday was a rest day so today at some point we’ll be back at the weights again. I’ve admittedly not done any Insanity work outs for three weeks or so but once things have calmed down in my house I’m sure I’ll be balancing my lifting with some ass-kicking cardio.

Hope everyone’s had a great work out week!