Tense abs

Yesterday I was asked by Dan what area I wanted to work on to which I replied “my core” … Oh boy. I didn’t feel the burn too much at the end of my session but the DOMS is pretty bad today so I must’ve done something good!

Dan set me 8 minutes and 8 types of crunches; 1 type with as many reps in 1 minute, no break before the next.

I accomplished the following:
Basic crunches – 14
Cross over crunches right side – 10
Cross over crunches left side – 12
Clam – 13
Sliding crunches – 16
Bicycle crunches – 12
Plank – 50 seconds before I gave out
Raised legs crunches – 20

After a breather and a stretch I then did 12 weighted crunches with a 2.5kg disc.

I then wanted to do a little bit on my thighs as I’ve been focusing so much purely on my upper body so I did 30 squats at 12.5kg – 15 normal squats, 15 wide-legged squats. I’ve not varied my squats at all as of late so I felt the burn then!

Tomorrow is our last weights day before we go visit Dan’s family in Wales so we’ll be doing Insanity towards the end of the week down there. I’ve been doing a lot of weight-based training so it’ll be good to do some intense cardio to make sure my heart’s still happy. 😉

I’m hoping to repeat this workout sometime in the near future to see if I can beat my reps, or if I find them easier, to gauge how my core has been progressing.

Hope my fellow Brits had a good bank holiday weekend!


Abs and ass day

butt fitspo

Bringing the buttspo picture back! Incidentally, does anyone know who this booty belongs to?

3 rounds of 5 exercises, 30 seconds reps, 15 seconds break to write down number of reps and get ready for the next set.

  • Ugi twists (I explain the how to do Ugi twists in 10 awesome abdominal exercises)
  • Full arm extension hanging leg raise
  • Reverse push ups
  • Monkey jumps (a simple one, jump up in the air and then down to the floor, do a press up and that is one rep)
  • Full squats

In the 30 second time frame, the goal is to do as many reps of the particular exercise in 30 seconds. Interval training is high intensity and for such a short work out, it really kicks your butt. For interval training ideas, check out bodyrock.tv or type in ZWOW into youtube. Zuzana Light, former bodyrock.tv owner who now runs ZWOW, is one of my favourite fitness inspirations so I personally prefer ZWOW but bodyrock.tv has some great info on the site too.

My reps today:

Ugi twists – set 1=14, set 2=16, set 3=20 reps
Hanging leg raise – set 1=9, set 2=11, set 3=15 reps
Reverse push ups – set 1=8, set 2=9, set 3=10 reps
Monkey jumps – set 1=3, set 2=4, set 3=8 reps
Full squats – set 1=8, set 2=8, set 3=8 reps

My monkey jumps reps were incredibly low for the first two sets because I was doing proper push ups, which I really, really struggle with. By set 3, I thought I’d suffered enough so I did the press ups on my knees which is lower intensity.

After I finished my interval training, I was ridiculously hot so I sprinted around the block (half a kilometre) in the pouring rain just to cool down, then did it again at a jog to gradually calm my heartbeat. I didn’t time it because it was an impulse decision but I didn’t get too soaked or have my arms drop off from the cold (it is very cold in Britain today) , haha. When I caught my breath again, I took a full 30 minutes to stretch my muscles out because they have worked very hard today. I’m going to be aching tomorrow! 😉

Swat up on crunches

Crunches are a single-muscle exercise that works the upper abs, it is an exercise that can put excessive strain on your back, so it is imperative that they are executed correctly with good form and control. This post will help you understand the exercise, good form, the difference between a sit up and a crunch and alternatives.

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Today’s make-shift workout

All done with 8 kilo weights

Proper thigh-grilling squats – 3 sets of 10
Knee raise side twists – 3 sets of 10
Lunges – 3 sets of 20
Lovehandle bends (no idea what they’re really called but I bend over to one side with the weights until I can feel slight tension in my sides) – 3 sets of 20
Ugi twists – 3 sets of 20
Alternating abs – 3 sets of 20

Now I’m off to walk my dogs to cool off!