My first yoga class

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Yesterday I went to my first ever yoga class with Dan’s mum – can’t beat bonding over exercise! I’ve gotta say it was very enjoyable except for the fact it was cold in the studio. I did several poses I hadn’t done before including the fish which felt awesome.

I really got a chance to stretch out my tight thigh and hip muscles which was nice and set me up for being in a great mood all day. As highlighted in my 15 reasons why you should be doing yoga post, I highlighted all the benefits of incorporating yoga into your work out week. I’ve been very slack about yoga recently and I have no idea why I’ve neglected it. So, I’m setting myself a challenge to do yoga every morning for the next 14 days starting tomorrow (Sunday) with nice long sessions on my days off from Insanity/weights.

Who’s interested in joining me with this challenge? If there are FSB readers who fancy doing this but don’t know much about yoga, I’ll happily put a post on here about how to get started with useful resources and perhaps some handy youtube videos (not of me).

Hope everyone’s work out week has been as epic as mine, anyone got any triumphs to report?

15 reasons why you should be doing Yoga

Source: Petra’s Yoga Poses around the world

  1. Improves athletic performance
  2. Increases muscle strength and tone
  3. Increases mental capacity for concentration and improves short term memory
  4. Reduces anxiety
  5. Improves sleep
  6. Improves flexibility
  7. Provides more energy
  8. Corrects posture
  9. Improves balance
  10. Improves stamina
  11. Releases muscle tension
  12. Better sense of wellbeing
  13. Improves ability to cope with stress
  14. Improves skin tone
  15. Reduces risks of obesity, cancer, stroke, heart disease, osteoporosis, depression and type 2 diabetes

So what are you waiting for?!

There are many, many helpful videos on Youtube to get you started or you can even pick up a DVD or book. I have my mum’s old book from the 80’s written by Barbara Currie and I’d highly recommend any of her books or DVDs.

Great post from JoAnn on stretching to help sore backs.

Round to Ravishing

I threw my back out last night doing pretty much nothing. Oh the joys of Fybromyalgia! So today I am going to talk about stretching to relieve back pain. Even with a chronic pain disease I have found that stretching can make quite a  difference in pain levels. Plus stretching daily can help lengthen and strengthen your back muscles, improve posture and make it less likely to injure yourself in the first place.

I know what you are thinking, my back hurts no way do I want to exercise, stretch or even move. Everyone knows that exercise is important for our overall health but people sometimes forget the importance of stretching. The back and spine are made up of muscles, bones, tendons, and ligaments, it is made to bend, twist, and carry quite a bit of our body weight. Stretching on a regular basis helps reduce stress on joints, improves blood flow and adds flexibility. Also, stretching before exercise helps prep your muscles for activity and reduces the risk of injury.


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My first yoga session

I did my first yoga session yesterday and boy am I feeling it today. Must’ve stretched too far with my leg because the outer thigh muscles are really sore today, guess I’ll have to go to the gym on Sunday then!

I’ve got to admit, I really didn’t enjoy it. Years of smoking meant I was about near to pass out when I was breathing in deeply and I found it rather boring. Maybe I’ll get into it more as I do it more, but for now I’d much rather be doing something fast-paced, which is why I’m going to be doing yoga a few times a week until I like it. I know it’ll be good for me, so I’ll stick at it.

I’m a bit gutted that I can’t go to the gym today, I was actually really looking forward to it. I’ll wait until it cools down this evening and take the dogs out for a walk so I’m still out and about doing something active.

Headache’s are still touch and go but admittedly my lethargy is improving and I feel incredibly relaxed. Sunday marks the end of the 10 days I gave myself off to focus on my health and I think it helped. I’ve then got about 9 full days of work before I go on holiday for two weeks and I really need the break so I’m very excited.

Hope you all rock your workouts today!