Like a kid at Christmas!

So the day came a lot earlier than we’d planned but I am now in possession of Dan’s weights! With his labour-intensive job he doesn’t have the time or energy to work out currently – much to his frustration – so he asked if I wanted to bring the weights to my house early; is the Pope catholic? Does a bear crap in the woods? Okay… I think you get what I’m trying to say.

I bundled them in my car and when I got home I said to my mum, “I have great news, I can finally weight train at home!!” to which she replied, “The fact that you get excited about this is somewhat disturbing, if the hallway starts smelling like a gym i.e. your pits, I will be revoking your membership to this house” which made me laugh.

Even though it was the evening and I’m more of a morning work out person, I figured I wasn’t patient enough to wait to use them, so I thought to myself “I’ll just pick 3 simple exercises and do 3 rounds, it’ll be quick and easy”. Somehow, a supposed quick and simple session turned into an hour long routine, whoops. It is now apparent not only was I impatient, I also find it difficult to curb my enthusiasm.

The jelly arms weights work out

Bicep curls – 5kg, 10 repetitions, 2 rounds
Tricep extension – 2.5kg 10 repetitions, 3 rounds
Alternating deltoid raises – 5kg, 10 repetitions, 2 rounds
Upright row – 12.5kg, 10 repetitions, 2 rounds
Arnold presses – 5kg, 10 repetitions, 2 rounds
Core busters, 10 repetitions, 3 rounds (one for each arm movement variation)
Shoulder presses – 5kg, 10 repetitions, 2 rounds
Military press – 15kg, 10 repetitions, 2 rounds
Squats – 15kg, 10 repetitions, 2 rounds

Boy, are my arms gonna be mad at me tomorrow. Hope you’ve all had a good Easter, I ate far too much chocolate. 🙂


The all over body work out

Admittedly I wasn’t feeling very motivated today after a busy weekend but I’m really not happy with the way I currently look and want to tone up a lot more so I worked out regardless of how I was feeling and I’m glad I did.

Erika asked me to give her some work out ideas that cover the entire body for when she goes to the gym, so here we go! Continue reading

“So that’s where my back muscles are” work out

Ohhh, man. This was a tough work out! It has made my back ache (in a good way) and the stairs now look like Everest.

3 rounds

Bicep curls – 5 kilos 20x
Tricep curls – 5 kilos 20x
Arm raises – 5 kilos 20x
Overheads – 5 kilos 20x
Bench press – 15 kilos 20x
Military press – 15 kilos 20x
Bent over row – 20 kilos 20x

Squats – 25 kilos 20x with 20 seconds break in between 5 reps
Lunges – 25 kilos 20x

And lastly 25 deadlift 20x with 30 seconds break in between 10 reps

After my cool down I made sure to stretch out my back properly with 20 minutes of Yoga.

It’s so nice to be at Dan’s and be able to use his weights rather than weighing kitchen items and putting them in a backpack! I was also able to do military press and bench press for the first time in months. I’m looking forward to our workout room with weights, pull up bar and a bench in our home in June!

The ‘oy this hurts!’ work out

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Mazletoff! You may be Jewish, you may not be Jewish, either way you’ll be exclaiming ‘oy!’ after this one.

3 rounds, weighted (I used 3kg weights in both hands)

20 x hammer curls
20 x push ups
20 x cross body crunches
20 x full squats
20 x lunges while bringing weights over head
20 x standing donkey kicks
20 x bicep curls
20 x arm raises

Your thighs, abs and even your arms will hurt after this one and you’re guaranteed to hate me afterwards.

The abs and ass work out

As my fitness goals this year are definite ab definition and a butt I could bounce pennies off of, I’m focusing on these areas with my interval training.

Tonight’s work out was rather intense but a good intense nontheless.

3 rounds, each exercise 20 reps.

Fire Hydrants
Ugi Twist (I’ve described this move in my 10 awesome abdominal exercises post
Butt balance stars – balance on your butt as the name suggests, raise both legs bent at the knees in the air and extend while extending your arms, keeping your arms strong
Side bridge
Superman plank
Press ups
Full slow squats

I’m sure I’ll be feeling it tomorrow!