An incredible fitspo

So, ladies and gentleman, I want to share with you an utterly amazing weight loss journey that I know will provide inspiration to many people.

My boyfriend Dan hit an all time low in 2011/12 when he weighed 24 stone (384lbs for you Yanks) and was told by his doctor that he was slowly killing himself. He made the decision to lose weight and get fit and the results are phenomenal.

Over the course of a year, he changed his diet and went from cycling to running to weight training. Dan lost 12 stone/192lbs (almost double my own weight), a feat which was deemed impossible without gastric band surgery.

In the pictures below there is Dan at roughly 21 stone/352lbs and a photo taken yesterday where he weighs 12 and a half stone.

Dan's weight loss

As you can imagine, I am incredibly proud of my love for taking charge of his health and turning his luck around. He’s worked hard and the results speak for themselves.

I know the wonderful fitness community that follow FSB will be wowed by his transformation so I thought I would share his journey with you to show no matter how big you are, you can have the body you’ve always wanted through sweat and determination.

Body progress from a different perspective

Hi guys,

Same body, same angles (except I forgot to do my back, d’oh!), different location and different attire.

As you know, I do body progress shots in a bikini to show that I’m not using tricks of a camera or any fancy slimming clothing to make my figure look different. However, it occurred to me that, although it is great to show myself in such a way to mark progress, it doesn’t give a realistic view of how I look in day to day life. So every once in a while, I’ll be shooting pics wearing clothing. Today I snapped some pics after my run and cool down, so I’m wearing my running attire.

fitterstrongerbetter body progress
fitterstrongerbetter body progress
fitterstrongerbetter body progress

You can see the starts of a thigh gap. Though not important to me as huge thigh muscles are more my sort of thing, it’s still pretty good that it is fat loss causing the thigh gap. I’m wondering whether in time, muscles will fill the gap again or whether it will become bigger as I lose more fat and gain more muscle.

I am ridiculously happy with my progress, especially considering I’ve had to cut down to working out 3x a week and took some time off completely while I was ill. This is why it is so important to take regular photos to document your journey because you don’t often notice the changes when looking at yourself in the mirror every day. So try posting some body progress pics in a bikini (if you’re a fellow female) or topless and in shorts if you’re a guy AND some pics in snug-fitting (but not tight) clothing to gain a different perspective.

I can’t believe the different I’m getting in my thighs, that’s the weightlifting and running for you! I’ll be posting my usual bikini body progress either tonight or tomorrow once Thom gets here so I can take proper photos (self timer is so hit and miss).