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My name’s Lucy, I’m 21 years old and from England. This is my fitness blog where you’ll find personal pictures and journal entries documenting my progress, as well as fitspo pictures, recipes, health articles and fitness information.

Growing up I was never the sporty type and would often skip PE classes to go smoke on the school roof, the closest thing to exercise I did was horseriding, which I have done since I was 5 years of age.

I was quite blessed with having a good metabolism, staying at a UK size 6 until I was 16 years old and was diagnosed with a rare neurological condition. I was told to never horseride again, for fear of paralysing myself should I fall off, which completely broke my heart. Without the joy of riding, I didn’t see much point in fighting so I gave into the pain my neurological condition caused and became so inactive that I lost my mobility. For a while I could only walk with assistance and for very short periods of time on my own. When I was given the OK by another doctor to ride again, it gave me a little hope so my mobility improved slightly but I still felt restricted and miserable.

I started my own rehabilitation program, starting with walking my dogs for short distances at first, forcing myself to walk through the pain every day. As it got easier to walk, I started jogging in small bursts and it felt great. I regained my mobility and felt the best I had done in years.

That was four years ago, since then I’ve weaned myself off most of my medication successfully and you absolutely would not be able to tell that there’s something ‘wrong’ with me physically. I work out four times a week and I absolutely adore weightlifting. I started Insanity in February 2013 and even though I only planned to do it until I could weight train from home, I’ve seen visible results with doing it four times a week. So I’m not going to be ditching it completely, instead I’ll be alternating from weightlifting to Insanity to be able to build muscle but also still do cardiovascular exercise. My plan is to do weights/Insanity/weights/Insanity one week and then 3 weight training sessions with one Insanity work out the following week.

I spent most of my time last year running, however once winter set in I found it painful to breathe so once the weather picks up again, I may run from time to time. I also love yoga, horseriding and walking my dogs, however I would say they’re more leisurely than what I consider to be my main forms of exercise.

I am very strict with my diet, choosing to be meat-free, sea-food and dairy-free for health reasons. My fitness and nutrition motto is “Eat clean, train dirty” and I finally have a t-shirt with that printed on to wear with pride. 😀

I am living proof that if you have the determination, you can get to where you want be with your health and fitness – as is my wonderful partner Dan who lost a whopping 12 stone! You can read more about his journey in my incredible fitspo post.

If you enjoy reading about health, fitness, weight training, interval training and yoga, then be sure to come back and visit Fitterstrongerbetter!

Please note: I am not a qualified personal trainer or nutritionist, this blog documents my journey with fitness – any work outs and information I post that you implement into your routines is at your own risk. I will credit information and pictures if I can find the original source and if you have seen your work posted with the wrong credit, let me know and I’ll be sure to sort it out.


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