Dig Deeper

Since Dan and I have been lifting together as of late, he noticed that I’m recovering a bit too easily from our work outs. Admittedly, without realising, I had reached a bit of a plateau where I wasn’t increasing my weight and thus not challenging my body.

Today is the first day I’ve been pushed to the point where I had muscle fatigue and had to finish earlier than planned and I can actually feel the tops of my shoulders and biceps ache. Dan’s reassured me that your biceps are muscles you can really fatigue without damaging them (within reason obviously) and he also told me he could see some definition as I was doing my reps which is all kinds of awesome. Make room noodle arms, we’ve finally got some muscles coming in!

Bicep curls (EZ bar) 12.5kg – 20 reps in 5/10/5 sets
Upright row 12.5kg – 20 reps in 4 sets of 5
Military press 12.5kg – 13 reps and then I had to quit because my arms just did not want to cooperate.

I’m somewhat scared that if I don’t have DOMS tomorrow that he’ll just increase my weights for the next time, haha. It’s awesome having someone knowledgeable to work out with even if he does kick my butt if I back-chat. 🙂

I’m having the weekend off as it is a busy one and next week I will definitely be incorporating Insanity work outs into my work out week alongside the weights.

Have a good weekend, guys and girls.


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