Yesterday’s weights

So, Dan really put me through my paces yesterday! With his fitness instructor qualification, it was really great to train with him for the first time so I could have someone knowledgeable help me work on my form. He’s also given me ways forward to strengthen my upper body so I can actually do push ups (my absolute nemesis). It helped so much having him there showing me correct form and I didn’t lift that much weight-wise but I feel like for the first time I actually utilised the muscles as they are supposed to be.

I’ve also had some tester sachets of scimix protein shakes to try out and I’m officially in love, particularly with the strawberry flavoured one. They’ve brought out a new powder which I can’t remember the name of but it is geared towards muscle definition and toning rather than bulk so I can’t wait to buy a big tub when I can afford it! I recently found out that the company I bought my supposed gold standard powder from is being done for counterfeit products so I can’t help but wonder how beneficial it’ll be once I’m on genuine high quality protein.

Tomorrow I’ll be doing weights again because on Thursday we’ll be back in Wales so I will only be able to do Insanity or running. I’m still buzzing about being able to use weights at home and I’m excited about finally being able to build my upper body like I’ve always wanted to.

Hope everyone’s well and had a good kick-start to their workout week!


Back from a WP vacation!

Hi guys,

As you can see, I’m back from a little blogging holiday. My tattoo healed great and I’ve been so busy this past week I haven’t had time to update FSB, my bad. My mum’s had an op on her foot so I’ve been rushed off my feet keeping the house spick and span while she’s resting up. This week has been a running week as a way of keeping my dogs entertained so I’ve done a 3km which I forgot to time (d’oh!) and a 2.5km in 34 minutes. When I was running several times a week I’d be doing 5km in 35 minutes, so although I’ve been keeping cardio up in the form of Insanity, I’m still well and truly lagging behind my former running self! My one dog, Atreyu, absolutely adores running so he kept up fine considering we’re both really out of practise but my other dog has never been enthusiastic. In the past he’s just leant against his collar and refused but this week he’s been really good and followed me, albeit not very fast.

If I’ve got time tomorrow, Dan and I will be weightlifting and I’ll also hopefully post my healthy fruit muffin recipe – well, if I can remember it!

A mini blog holiday!

Hi guys,

I’ve been quiet this week as I’ve had a nasty little virus and I knew working out while feeling sick wouldn’t help me at all. Tomorrow I have 3 more hours for my thigh tattoo so I won’t be able to work out until that’s finished peeling. So, other than a recipe post about my fruit muffins I made today, I’ll be taking a little vacation from WordPress as I don’t have much to talk about when I’m not rocking my exercise routines!

See you later, alligators. 🙂

Like a kid at Christmas!

So the day came a lot earlier than we’d planned but I am now in possession of Dan’s weights! With his labour-intensive job he doesn’t have the time or energy to work out currently – much to his frustration – so he asked if I wanted to bring the weights to my house early; is the Pope catholic? Does a bear crap in the woods? Okay… I think you get what I’m trying to say.

I bundled them in my car and when I got home I said to my mum, “I have great news, I can finally weight train at home!!” to which she replied, “The fact that you get excited about this is somewhat disturbing, if the hallway starts smelling like a gym i.e. your pits, I will be revoking your membership to this house” which made me laugh.

Even though it was the evening and I’m more of a morning work out person, I figured I wasn’t patient enough to wait to use them, so I thought to myself “I’ll just pick 3 simple exercises and do 3 rounds, it’ll be quick and easy”. Somehow, a supposed quick and simple session turned into an hour long routine, whoops. It is now apparent not only was I impatient, I also find it difficult to curb my enthusiasm.

The jelly arms weights work out

Bicep curls – 5kg, 10 repetitions, 2 rounds
Tricep extension – 2.5kg 10 repetitions, 3 rounds
Alternating deltoid raises – 5kg, 10 repetitions, 2 rounds
Upright row – 12.5kg, 10 repetitions, 2 rounds
Arnold presses – 5kg, 10 repetitions, 2 rounds
Core busters, 10 repetitions, 3 rounds (one for each arm movement variation)
Shoulder presses – 5kg, 10 repetitions, 2 rounds
Military press – 15kg, 10 repetitions, 2 rounds
Squats – 15kg, 10 repetitions, 2 rounds

Boy, are my arms gonna be mad at me tomorrow. Hope you’ve all had a good Easter, I ate far too much chocolate. 🙂