It’s not just activity; it’s a way of life

Due to my new tattoo and a busy weekend, I’ve not really been working out much except for short and sporadic bouts of yoga. I kept telling myself now my tattoo has finished peeling fully I can get my sweat on without worrying and I’d jump right back into it on Monday. Well, Monday came round and I felt sluggish, lethargic and generally wanted to go back to bed the entire day. I couldn’t muster up the energy to put Insanity on and kick my own ass so I did an hour of yoga instead. I learned a new pose called “the Dancer” at class on Friday and I officially sucked at it so I concentrated really hard on my balance and managed 8 seconds on both sides without wobbling and putting my foot back to the ground. Anyway, I digress…

Today I woke up absolutely determined to work out. I lacked motivation but one thing I’ve always been proud of is that 90% of the time I am very self-disciplined. So as I got to working out, I realised that it was so hard to get going again because I had stopped. It’s almost like a heavy wheel; the momentum of it will keep it moving but once it is stopped, it takes a lot of work to get it going again.

On Monday I would even go so far as to say that I was feeling blue and it occurred to me that it was because I wasn’t working out. Fitness has become such a huge part of me that I don’t feel right when I get out of my routine. It wouldn’t surprise me if the common consensus was that the less you work out, the more energy you have because you’re not expending it by pushing yourself, but it couldn’t be farther from the truth. I’ve got 3 more hours on my thigh tattoo being done on the 6th April so once again I’ll be taking a break for it to heal, but at least I know now if I feel bad to just nut up, shut up and work out rather than put it off ’til tomorrow!

So today I did Insanity Max Cardio Conditioning and Abs and I found push ups so much easier to do today than I have done in the past, which means my shoulder muscles must be improving! I also found a new enemy in diamond jumps and ski abs I think they’re called (where you’re in a plank position and jump with your feet together up and to the side in a twist so your thigh comes up to your chest) and the one minute squat was about as fun as a funeral. But I did it, I killed it rather than it killing me and I have new body shots for you. Rather than looking at them thinking, “I have such a long way to go”, this time I actually feel like my dream body is so close that it’s within reach for the first time in my life. This excites me more than I could ever convey to you guys and I actually have the WP community and my readers to thank for all the support you’ve given me since I started out in March 2012!

fitterstrongerbetter body


My plan now is to keep rocking the Insanity work outs until Dan moves up. Then Dan and I will clear some space in the garage so we can set up an area for weight training. Being a fitness instructor, I’m super excited to work out with him and for him to help me improve my form and physique. My goal for this summer is to be able to lift more than my own body weight (47kg) which Dan said is more than attainable. I’m so psyched for him to be moving up in 46 days. 😀


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