I may have cheated…

It’s been 5 days since I got my tattoo and I was meant to leave it longer ’til I worked out, but I just couldn’t wait. I did weights rather than insanity to try and reduce sweating yet I still felt gross because of the grease-like lotion I have to keep on the tattoo until it’s fully healed. I went easy on myself and didn’t spend too long working out, just enough to get my muscles nicely warm and aching a little. Once the tattoo has fully peeled, which I imagine judging by what’s left will be tomorrow or Thursday, I’ll either do weights again or insanity before I return home for the weekend, where insanity will commence once more.

After doing a round at half the weights to get warmed up, I did the following:

3 rounds – 10 reps

Alternating deltoid raise – 2.5kg round 1 and 3, 5kg round 2
renegade row – 5kg
tricep extensions – 2.5kg round 1 and 3, 5kg round 2
bicep curls – 5kg
back flyes – 5kg
military press – 15kg
bench press – 10kg (not enough room to use barbell so had to use 5kg dumbells hence lighter than I usually bench)
upright row – 15kg

I found my cable for my cell phone to upload meal pics, only to lose it again. It’s around here somewhere, mocking me. Also Dan got me the most awesome tshirt to work out in which I’ll have to take a picture of to proudly display on here.

Yoga has been going well, had to take off 2 days after getting my new tattoo because it was so sore but otherwise I’ve been doing it every day whenever I remember to, today being no exception! 🙂


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