Happy birthday, FitterStrongerBetter!

So WordPress tells me it has officially been a year since I started my blog. I initially decided to start one just to document my progress and I genuinely did not expect people to be interested in my fitness life. I now have several hundred readers and a fair few who I regularly interact with which is great. WordPress has been a fantastic source of support for me considering my family aren’t overly supportive of my fitness journey and a fair few times it has motivated me to keep going when I wanted to quit. Thank you, FSB readers and a special thanks to the friends I’ve made on here!

Today I really did not feel like working out and was feeling blue about my lack of stomach progress but I refused to let myself slack off or wallow in self pity so I kicked my own ass with Insanity pure cardio. I did not enjoy it if I’m honest but I’m definitely glad I forced myself to get motivated and work out.

Happy Monday everyone!


4 thoughts on “Happy birthday, FitterStrongerBetter!

  1. You have motivated me immensely! It does feel great when you push yourself, I personally pat myself on the back and compliment me after a hard workout.
    Happy blogthday!!! 🙂

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