My first yoga class

Source: Lululemon athletica

Yesterday I went to my first ever yoga class with Dan’s mum – can’t beat bonding over exercise! I’ve gotta say it was very enjoyable except for the fact it was cold in the studio. I did several poses I hadn’t done before including the fish which felt awesome.

I really got a chance to stretch out my tight thigh and hip muscles which was nice and set me up for being in a great mood all day. As highlighted in my 15 reasons why you should be doing yoga post, I highlighted all the benefits of incorporating yoga into your work out week. I’ve been very slack about yoga recently and I have no idea why I’ve neglected it. So, I’m setting myself a challenge to do yoga every morning for the next 14 days starting tomorrow (Sunday) with nice long sessions on my days off from Insanity/weights.

Who’s interested in joining me with this challenge? If there are FSB readers who fancy doing this but don’t know much about yoga, I’ll happily put a post on here about how to get started with useful resources and perhaps some handy youtube videos (not of me).

Hope everyone’s work out week has been as epic as mine, anyone got any triumphs to report?


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