Insanity and weights is insanity indeed

Today I went back into Insanity at week 2 – cardio power and resistance. Is it wrong of me to admit once I was past the initial warm up I realised I had missed it? This is how it starts guys, haha.

Power jumps are getting somewhat easier thankfully, however I absolutely could not do the tricep dips with one leg extended, boo.

After that I wanted to do some weights so I put Korn on iTunes and killed it. You guys have no idea how happy I am to say that I bicep curled my heaviest weight to date at 7.5kg!

Weight reps with 15-30 seconds between rounds:
4 tricep extensions 2.5kg – 4 rounds
5 deltoid raises 2.5kg – 4 rounds
5 press flyes (also known as back flyes) 2.5 – 4 rounds
5 bicep curls 5kg – 4 rounds
5 renagade rows 5kg – 4 rounds
5 bicep curls 7.5kg – 2 rounds
5 bench press 15kg – 4 rounds
5 military press 15kg – 2 rounds
5 bent over rows 15kg – 2 rounds
5 military press 12.5kg – 2 rounds
5 bent over rows 12.5kg – 2 rounds

Hope you all enjoy your workouts today, I’m off to have myself a delicious protein pancake with a duck egg for once instead of hen – they’re massive!


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