Friday’s Weights

Sorry for the late update guys, I’ve had a busy weekend so haven’t been near the laptop to update. I missed yesterday’s run because Dan and I spent all day Saturday in Cardiff and it really wore me out.

Friday’s weightlifting went well, I was focusing on improving my form because I have been known for collapsing at my hips when doing squats, or flicking my elbow when doing bicep curls etc. so everything was super slow and controlled.

3 rounds
30 deadlifts 20kg
30 bench press 15kg
30 bicep curls 5kg
30 tricep curls 3.75kg
30 upright rows 15kg
30 military presses 15kg
30 squats 20kg
30 side bends 7.5kg

and to finish it off I did some of the Insanity abs and core exercises before cool down.

Today when I get home I will be getting back into Insanity after the weekend off from it which’ll be good.


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