Insanity Day 5!

Day five and I did the Core Cardio and Balance work out (I’m not following the program strictly, as you can tell) I went for this recovery week work out as I had a tough day yesterday. I hadn’t ridden my horse Lily in about 2 weeks so she was feeling very spritely (read: obnoxious) so after 2 hours of feeling like I was riding a wild mustang, my body’s a bit tender.

Loved this work out, particularly because it worked the hip flexors and because it only had one jump, woohoo. Dare I say it, I might be getting into this Insanity deal, though it will never overtake my love of lifting.

It’s insane to think that just 4 years ago I couldn’t walk far unassisted; I can’t believe how far I’ve come in the past year.

Friday will be weightlifting, Sunday a nice run with Dan – my two favourite work outs in one weekend!

Hope you’re all kicking ass in your work outs so far this week.


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