The all over body work out

Admittedly I wasn’t feeling very motivated today after a busy weekend but I’m really not happy with the way I currently look and want to tone up a lot more so I worked out regardless of how I was feeling and I’m glad I did.

Erika asked me to give her some work out ideas that cover the entire body for when she goes to the gym, so here we go!

Deltoids (shoulders)
Alternating deltoid raise
Cuban press

Trapezius (the massive muscle in your upper back)
Barbell shrug
Standing dumbbell upright row

Bicep curl
Zottman curl

Around the worlds
Bench press

Bent over row
Alternating renegade row

Dumbbell side bends
Ugi twists with dumbbells

Glutes and quads
Flutter kickbacks
Lying leg raise (if done without letting feet touch the ground, it works the abs/core too!)
Goblet squat
Hip raises

One arm kettlebell/dumbbell swings

My workout with reps and weights
These weren’t done in the order above to give muscle groups a breather so here’s how I rocked it:

3 rounds

Alt. deltoid raises – 2.5kilo 20 reps
Barbell shrug – 20kilo 20 reps
Cuban Press – 5kilo 20 reps
Alt. renegade row – 5kilo 20 reps
Side bends – 5kilo 20 reps

30 sec breather

Goblet squats – 20kilo 20 reps with 15 seconds between each 5 reps
Bicep curls – 5kilo 20 reps
Bench press – 25kilo 20 reps with 15 seconds between 10 reps
Hip raises – 20 reps
Flutter kickbacks – 20 reps
Zottman curl – 5kilo each hand 20 reps

30 sec breather

Deadlift – 30kilo 20 reps 15 seconds between each 5
Ugi twists – 10kilo 20 reps
Standing dumbbell upright row – 5kilo each hand 20 reps
Around the worlds – 5kilo each hand 20 reps
Lying leg raises – 20 reps
One arm dumbbell swings – 10kilo 20 reps
Bent over row – 15kilo 20 reps


2 thoughts on “The all over body work out

  1. This looks painful!
    I’m actually heading to the gym right now, I’ll be doing the “that’s where my back was” routine. I’m scared hahaha. I’ll tell you how it went. Thanks for this 🙂

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