“So that’s where my back muscles are” work out

Ohhh, man. This was a tough work out! It has made my back ache (in a good way) and the stairs now look like Everest.

3 rounds

Bicep curls – 5 kilos 20x
Tricep curls – 5 kilos 20x
Arm raises – 5 kilos 20x
Overheads – 5 kilos 20x
Bench press – 15 kilos 20x
Military press – 15 kilos 20x
Bent over row – 20 kilos 20x

Squats – 25 kilos 20x with 20 seconds break in between 5 reps
Lunges – 25 kilos 20x

And lastly 25 deadlift 20x with 30 seconds break in between 10 reps

After my cool down I made sure to stretch out my back properly with 20 minutes of Yoga.

It’s so nice to be at Dan’s and be able to use his weights rather than weighing kitchen items and putting them in a backpack! I was also able to do military press and bench press for the first time in months. I’m looking forward to our workout room with weights, pull up bar and a bench in our home in June!


2 thoughts on ““So that’s where my back muscles are” work out

  1. This is SOOOOOO helpful !!!! OMG, Luce! I started going to the gym for two weeks now, but was clueless on what routine to do! Sometimes I feel very lost at the weight room haha. I want something that’ll leave me sore and mould my body :). This routine seems hardcore, at least for a newbie like me. I’ll try this at the gym this week. If you don’t mind, could you post routines for all body parts? It would really help me!

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