Three Reasons to Drink More Water

An excellent post by Gimmefitness

Do you drink enough water? How can you be sure? Hydration can have a major impact not just on athletic performance but on overall health. Ensuring that you are properly hydrated is an ongoing process of balancing and re-balancing. It’s not enough to just drink a couple of glasses in the morning and hope for the best. In case you needed them, here are three top reasons to drink more water:

  1. Water boosts metabolism. Water is required for your body’s metabolic environment to be sustained. If you fail to hydrate, you will limit the efficiency of your body to regulate its metabolic activities, i.e. slowing down your metabolic rate.
  2. Water detoxifies the body. Drinking a sufficient amount of water helps to eliminate toxins and waste products from the body. A low intake can mean an excess build up of toxins, which is potentially hazardous in the long run.
  3. Water regulates body temperature. Whether in a hot or cold environment, your body needs water to ensure that it can thermoregulate, or maintain a constant temperature. Without proper consumption, you are putting yourself at a greater risk of succumbing to temperature-related conditions such as heatstroke, or conversely, hypothermia.

The next question is, how much water should you consume per day? Well, it’s an individual thing. It depends on your body mass, activity levels, current fitness/medical state, and environment among other factors. However, the best policy is to use what nature provided you – a bathroom barometer – yes I’m talking about your urine. If the color is dark, then you need to drink more. If it’s relatively clear, you’re doing well. With the exception of someone who is taking high doses of a B-vitamin supplement, this is a pretty reliable indicator.

As a final note I would suggest that you consume most of your water earlier in the day as opposed to loading up in the evening time, otherwise you may be waking up several times during the night to visit the bathroom.


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