She’s alive!!

Good evening, WordPress fitness community, it sure has been a while!

Firstly I’d like to apologise for my incredibly long absence. I could spout some bullsh** about being super busy or I could be perfectly honest. On the second week of my holiday in June last year I had a complete nervous breakdown caused by work stress. As usual, I’d been pushing myself too hard and it came back to bite me and it bit me hard. It has taken several months but I’m back to my old self with some adjustments.

I’ve still been exercising but after an uncomfortable situation at the gym I have quit weight training. Instead I run and do interval training at home 4x a week. I lost a lot of weight (from 8 1/2 stone to 7 1/4) back in June which made me look worse than I felt so I’ve been putting a lot of effort into returning to a normal weight. I’m now happy at the weight I’m at and ready to set myself some new fitness challenges for 2013.

Here are some body shots taken this evening to show my progress. I can see noticeable differences in my midsection, a definite lift in my butt and loss of bulk in my thighs.



Sorry for the blur in the last picture, my battery was low so I was trying to get it done as quickly as possible.

Thank you to my loyal readers who have stuck with FSB and fitness in general while I’ve been away and so long to the 400 odd followers I lost – I don’t blame you but come back soon!

So then, new year, new start. What are your fitness goals?


11 thoughts on “She’s alive!!

  1. Welcome back! I’m so glad you’re baack! And looking better than ever I must say. I’m glad I’ll get to read you back, my friend. Hope everything’s well 😉

  2. I feel guilty for only just noticing you’re back now! I did wonder what had happened, hopefully you’re all good now 🙂 I look forward to reading your posts again, provided I remember to log on haha – I’ve gotten quite slack! Good to have you back 🙂 x

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