Healthy French toast breakfast recipe

So I stumbled up the recipe for Cinnamon Apple French Toast Wraps on and ditched the unnecessary extra calories from butter and brown sugar and experimented with doing this as healthily as possible. My altered recipe is much healthier without compromising on the taste and this recipe and my protein pancakes recipe are my go-to’s for a cooked breakfast if I’m not in a rush to get out the door.

Ingredients for healthy apple French toast wraps
2tbsp oil (coconut oil if you have it, olive oil if not)
Two diced apples with or without the skin removed (I leave it on because it’s the most nutritious part)
Cinnamon, nutmeg and allspice
Stevia or 1tbsp of honey (dependent on personal preference)
1 whole wheat tortilla wrap
2 eggs
¼ cup of milk (almond milk for dairy allergy sufferers)
Vanilla extract

How to make healthy apple French toast wraps

Heat oil in frying pan over a medium flame
Fry diced apples with cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice and either stevia or honey. The amount of spices and stevia is completely down to what taste you would prefer, so keep adding them little by little and do a taste test to see. Don’t overestimate how much spice you’ll need unless you’re a serious cinnamon-lover as it is very easy to add too much of it!
Once the apples have gone soft and absorbed the oil and spices, take them of the heat and place them in a bowl. Cover the top of the bowl to keep the apple pieces warm.
Whisk together the 2 eggs, ¼ cup of milk and vanilla extract in a large bowl
Dip both sides of the tortilla wrap in the egg mixture until covered and fry it up, adding more oil to the frying pan first if needed
Just like an omelette or pancake, cook one side and flip over to cook the other
Serve the wrap with the spiced apples lined in the middle and eat warm



2 thoughts on “Healthy French toast breakfast recipe

  1. Holy Molly! It sounds deliciouuus!!! Too bad I already had breakfast today haha, but I will definitely try this recipe tomorrow!!! Keep enjoying the beach 😉

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