Sunshine Award

I’ve received a few award nominations which makes me happy to think people enjoy reading about my fitness journey, so I figured, “Hey, I’ll pass on the baton and do the Sunshine award post to nominate some of my favourites too”. So here we go, it’s simple; answer these questions below and then list your favourite bloggers then let them know you like their blog so much you’ve nominated them.

1) Favorite Color – bluey-green, the type where you could probably argue all day as to whether it is more blue than green or green than blue.

2) Favorite Animal – That would be horses, hands down. My horse in particular, she’s an absolute stunner.

3) Favorite number – I’ve always liked the number 7, but have no idea why.
4) Favorite Non-alcoholic drink – I’m not a big drinker, I can count on my hand the times I’ve had a drink in the past 18 months! I love water, rooibos tea, green tea and a good coffee (with almond or soya milk, of course).
5) Facebook or Twitter – I detest both, but require them for work. If I didn’t, I definitely wouldn’t have twitter and would only use Facebook to contact international friends.
6) My Passion – Horses since I was 3 years old and saltwater aquarium keeping.
7) Prefer getting or giving presents – giving, I enjoy finding the perfect presents for my nearest and dearest.
8) Favorite pattern – I seem to be very keen on the tribal print all over women’s clothes at the moment, other than that, this would be my favourite pattern (couple it with my favourite colour and we have my favourite dress too!)

9) Favorite Day of the Week – Friday
10) Favorite Flower – Hyacinths or violets.

And now for my nominations, it’s very hard to pick them seeing as I follow so many awesome blogs. I’ll list those who consistently post things I enjoy reading, who I interact with regularly and are very supportive of me in my own fitness journey:

Roundtoravishing – JoAnn was the one who nominated me for the award so it’s probably cheating that I’ve listed her, but I don’t care. I love her blog about her fitness journey and strongly encourage you to check it out. My only quibble with her blog is that it doesn’t have enough pictures of her cute dog! 😀
Loseitbig – another person who has nominated me, so this’ll be cheating too, but oh well! He’s made absolutely huge changes in his fitness and body as a result and it’s very inspiring. He’s reached his goal weight now but will be keeping up his fitness as he is hooked, line and sinker.
Fitfor365 – John has been another person to keep a blog of his progress from starting his fitness journey. When he started, he couldn’t run very far and now he’s just completed his first 10km charity run which is very awesome and a source of inspiration for me as a fellow runner. If you’re a runner or want to get into running, be sure to check out his blog.
Enterfitness – A lovely lady posting about tasty food and is honest about the ups and downs of getting fit.
Peripatetic13 – Emily’s a sweetheart who posts about her running adventures and fitness in general in an easy to read, well-written format.
Storybookapothecary – Tianna’s blog is one of the few blogs that isn’t fitness-only that I follow and it is easy to see why. She definitely knows her stuff about health and beauty, so much so she makes her own stuff! She throws fitness posts into the mixture but is mainly about beauty, product reviews and other girly stuff. Definitely one for the ladies to follow, perhaps not for the guys unless they are in touch with their feminine side.
Agirlcalledemily – Emily writes about her fitness and her travels. She’s pretty much always on the road and abroad so she has lots of interesting things to post about. I love reading about her travels, even if I am the teeniest bit envious, haha.
Myrecoverydiary – Erika is one of the nicest girls you could hope to meet on WordPress. She’s recovering from bulimia and her blog details her progress in an refreshingly honest and genuine way. Go visit her and give her support, you can never have too many people giving you a hand when you need it along the way.
Healthyfrenchie – Héléne posts great stuff about food, fitness and her life as a Frenchie living in Canada. Want to read about spotting bears out on runs and other equally awesome stuff? Check out her blog.

I’ve probably missed some out, but those are the ones that popped into my mind.


28 thoughts on “Sunshine Award

    • Isn’t it pretty? I had to get it altered so it would fit right but it was worth every penny. From what I gather of American and Canadian fashion, it is very different from what we have in the UK. Even huge brands that have stores in all continents like Topshop stock completely different items. Then again, Topshop stock different ranges in my hometown as opposed to London because the fashion is different yet again. 🙂

      • when I went to Zara and H&m here, it was pretty similar to the UK. But I miss how original the fashion is in the UK, and the change in collections all the time.. And Primark, ah primark lol
        Fashion here seems to be from the early 2000s a lot of the time 😦

      • Primark is great! A lot of garbage to sift through but worth it if you find some pretty things for a fraction of the price you’d pay for in other high street stores. Don’t you have anything similar over there across the pond?
        I guess the grass is always greener, I’m jealous of the stuff that can be picked up through thrifting and estate sales across the Atlantic. is always sharing photos of what she’s picked up and I don’t see anything as cute in charity shops or car boot sales here in England. 😦

      • True, I always find stuff at the thrift store here! I live in a tiny town though… When I go to Calgary I am always disappointed… It probably depends where you go as well in North America. Most websites, you can order in the States but not Canada as well, or you have to pay taxes grrrr I was so exited a couple of month back when I ordered stuff from Dorothy Perkins from the UK though 🙂

    • Hell yes! I have no idea how to describe it but it is the prettiest of them all. And no worries, you earned it. I know what you mean about getting round to it, I’ve been meaning to do it since April!!

  1. Awww, I loved the description for my blog! Haha, ask my parents or sister, and they’ll tell you I ain’t so sweet all the time hahaha. Who’s the lovely girl you’re with on the picture where u are wearing your favourite dress? If by your favourite color you mean turquoise, I am a huuge fan of it, too!! I love fridays but I prefer Saturdays because it is amidst two weekend days! Thanks for the feature in your blog, I am very flattered 😀 !!

    • Haha, well you are sweet to me until I am provided proof first hand otherwise. :p
      That’s my boyfriend’s niece, Lauren, with her face painted as a Geisha. I’m really not good with kids, but his niece and nephews love me – must be because I’m a big kid at heart. 😛
      Turquoise is awesome, so is teal and seafoam green, but unless this qualifies as dark turquoise, I have no idea what to call it, lol.
      And not a problem, you earned it. 😀

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