One day to go!

Where I’ll be going in Cornwall.

I’m leaving early tomorrow morning for the 5 hour car journey to Cornwall and despite the horrendous weather we have forecast for the next 5 days, I’m very excited. In 2010 I had a lovely week in the same place, but since then I’ve only had a weekend break (also lovely, but we were home again in the blink of an eye) so two full weeks will be fantastic. The only thing making me a little anxious is accommodating my dietary requirements, so when I get there I’ll have to go to the supermarkets, check what’s available and then write a food plan and come back. The things we do for health, eh.

As I’m working mornings the first week I’m down, my trusty laptop will be coming with me, so I will be updating Fitterstrongerbetter regularly depending on whether I can “borrow” internet from a neighbour or how long I can mooch off of free wifi by just buying one coffee. 😉

I had promised a post on weightlifting from home this week, but as we’re nearly at the end of the week already, it’s probably safe to assume I won’t have time to squeeze it in just yet. But it is on my ‘to do’ list and I have lots of plans for other posts so rest assured, Fitterstrongerbetter won’t be collecting tumbleweeds while I’m gone.

If my readers could do some kind of sun dance to encourage good weather, I’d be very grateful.

“See” you all in a couple of days. 😀


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