Goodbye countryside runs for two weeks

As the title suggests, this morning was my last run at home before I go on holiday. I’m really excited to find cool runs along the jagged coastline of Cornwall and getting up early to run through the seaside town while everyone else is still sleeping – a sentence only my fitness buddies will understand, haha. Looking forward to running? On holiday?! Yes, don’t mind if I do. I just need to figure out how to bring enough powder for my protein shakes without it somehow exploding all over my clothes during transit.

Anywho, here’s todays stats:

Total route distance: 5.2km
Distance ran: 4.3km
Time running: 33:34
Pace: 7.48 minutes per km
Total time incl. warm up and 1km walk to cool down: 49:20

It’s been a good while since I ran over 2km, probably a month or so. So I wanted to run 4km to see what state my running stamina is in since my break and how prepared I am for the 5km charity run this month. I did pretty good, I wasn’t struggling but I didn’t find it easy either, I just focused on a steady pace and enjoying the sunshine rather than trying to achieve times I’ve previously set when I was running 5 and 6km with a pace of roughly 6.5 minutes per km.

I’d say today was more of a jog than what I consider to be my running speed. The treadmills at the gym say a jogging speed is 6km/ph and a running speed is 9km/ph, today’s run would have been somewhere in between, but it felt more like a jog to me because I was more laid back and focusing specifically on form and my thoughts rather than speed and distance.

As a “See you in two weeks, Lucy!” my familiar running track stung my legs thoroughly with nettles, remind me to wear tracksuit bottoms next time I go!


11 thoughts on “Goodbye countryside runs for two weeks

  1. See another weird thing. I am looking forward to waking up before the rest of my family and running on the beach or anywhere else. I have a “smart” phone now so there is no way I can get lost. I bet I get lost anyway.

  2. Enjoy your holiday! I find the best part of running for me is the part where I explore the trails around here. So I can see how running in Cornwall would be amazing! Take a ton of pics

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