The ‘in between’ period

Hey everyone,

Sorry my posts have been a bit sparse, but I have just been absolutely rushed off my feet between working and trying to get everything sorted for my vacation. I leave on Friday and noticing that none of my swimwear or underwear fits me any more was probably the worst time ever for finally realising how much my body shape has changed. As you might be able to sense from this first paragraph, this post is a bit girlie as it is about the changes in my body and how it affects my wardrobe (sorry guys!).

So on Monday with just four days before I leave early Friday morning to go on holiday, I rushed into town to try and find some bras and a bikini that fit. After having my chest measured properly, I was told not only had I gone down one cup size, I had gone down a cup and a half. That leaves me slap-bang in the middle between two sizes; one too small, the other too big. 2 hours and 24 bras later and we could not find one I was happy with. I was well and truly fed up by this point so I thanked this poor woman for trying to help me and went off to find swimwear that fit. That was a completely pointless affair for the same reasons.

I got home at 4 and I was very tired and feeling rather pissed off. This might seem a very trivial thing to get annoyed over in the grand scheme of things, but after working so hard on my body, finding clothing that accentuated my new-and-improved shape was supposed to be easier, not harder. To top it all off, I then had to work  long hours into the evening to make up for the time lost while in town, hence why I was quiet yesterday and I’ve had to do the same today, hence why I’ve been quiet today, too!

Mum to the rescue!

My mum offered to help me out this morning so I went back out into town with her. It still took us a bloody long time, but I found a bra I was happy with. The swimwear was a lost cause so I just gave up and bought some nice-fitting shorts and a black vest top – I am going on holiday in Britain so I doubt it’ll be hot enough for a bikini anyway! I’m feeling far more cheerful now I have at least one bra that fits.

After trying on so many items of clothing that were so unflattering in the past 24 hours, to boost my confidence again I bought myself a couple of sale items from Topshop that I tried on and they made me feel how I’m supposed to feel about my new body; confident, proud and happy.

I bought the new top (above) and this is the first time I have ever bought a top that doesn’t completely cover my tummy. I was very self conscious about my tummy prior to working out so this is a really big deal and I’m very happy about this. However, as you can see from the shot on the right, my jeans don’t fit any more.

It seems dumb to buy new jeans seeing as I haven’t gotten to my goal shape yet and jeans are expensive, so I’m wearing old pairs with a belt when I need to, and wearing shorts, skirts and dresses the rest of the time while I’m in this transitional period. In a peculiar way, it’s kind of nice wearing jeans that are too big because it is a constant reminder that at one point not so long ago, these jeans were too small.

Speaking of dresses, these are the only things that haven’t let me down or fit stupidly since I dropped a few sizes and here is my latest one I managed to grab for 30% off the marked price.

These past couple of days have made me realise that a) working after it’s gotten dark really sucks when you’ve been up since 7am and b) it’s not all rainbows and butterflies when it comes to obtaining the physical look that you’ve always wanted. For the foreseeable future, I’m now going to struggle buying underwear and swimwear but you know what? Bikinis can go to hell, being in between bra sizes can go to hell, so long as I’m able to wear dresses like this and feel gorgeous, I’m smiling like that ^ and walking with a spring in my step.

“Blessed are the flexible, for they never get bent out of shape”


21 thoughts on “The ‘in between’ period

  1. I think we are living in parallel lives if that makes any sense. I too am leaving for vacation on Friday. I too have realized none of my shorts fit (I don’t have a bra problem). I have been wearing the same jeans with a belt pulled as tight as it will go….I look more like a bum now when I go out. I had to run out to the stores to buy me some new clothes. Pretty scary, huh?

  2. Love the top and the dress, looking good 🙂 I understand the clothing frustration, can not find a sports bra to save my life so with some of the jumps I have to do I can’t do the arm moments because I have to hold up the girls with my hands. LOL. Enjoy your Holiday.

    • Haha! I’ve been lucky with sports bras but then unlucky in the other chesty-clothing areas. I am really hoping that I won’t be a half cup for much longer otherwise bra shopping will be my worst nightmare. And thanks, I’ll be working the first week (boo!) but the second week I’ll have off. 😀

  3. You look great! But yeah, that in-between place is awful–I try to avoid shopping at that time or I am known to cry a-LOT (all my clothes are enormous at the moment). Good for you for not giving up. Have a wonderful time on your vacation!

    • My parents laughed at me for being so upset about it because it seemed like such a petty thing to get worked up over to them, but I’m so glad that all my WP friends have been through similar things and know how tough it is. Thanks, I’m hoping I can find some lovely runs along the coastline. 🙂

  4. You are looking AWESOME! Clothes will fit soon enough! It’s so sad to go down cup sizes haha, to me that’s the only good thing about overweight. I wish we could lose the fat on thighs, stomach, arms, legs but keep the extra one on the boobs, haha. Your shots are very inspiring! Thanks for posting them 🙂

  5. Seriously – I actually dread shopping as of late and it used to be a favorite pastime. It is so challenging knowing that you’re almost where you want to be, but don’t want to have to continue buying stuff you can only wear a few months. I basically dress like a homeless person right now, and I wear a lot of leggings and yoga pants because they are easy to shrink. I so feel your pain 😦

    • That’s why I’ve been buying dresses, I’m hoping they’ll still fit, but if not then I’ll just have to take them in a little. I practically live in my running trousers which I can imagine proves to friends and family that they’re right and I am “obsessed” -rolls eyes-. I can’t wait to be able to get a pair of jeans that fit again.

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