My first proper before and after


When I was at my heaviest weight I avoided full body shots at all costs if I could help it. So I don’t actually have many “before” pictures. The picture on the left I posted on its own before and some of my readers suggested posting a photo of me hooping taken recently to show the comparison between what size I was and how much my body shape has changed since. So, be it a little blurry, on the right was a photo Thom took of me this evening while I was goofing around with my hoop. It’s not in the exact same position and angle as the first one was taken, but I tried to get it similar to how I had remembered the photo to look. Also, please excuse my silly face, Thom likes to take photos either when I’m not paying attention or I’m talking. πŸ˜‰

I stayed about the same weight on the left up until summer last year, I lost weight by eating right but I didn’t exercise regularly. The only full body shots I’ve got of me from last summer are of me in flattering clothing or when I was on my horse, Lily, so this is the closest to a “before” and “after” comparison I’ve got at the moment.

If I can get a photo taken of Lily and I when I’m next riding, I’ll be sure to post it as it will be easy to see a massive difference there because riding trousers are massively unflattering. But I’d have to ask one of my friends at the stables to take a photo as I tend to go see Lily on my own.

For now, this’ll do and it also shows you how much better my hooping technique has gotten. I no longer have to bend excessively to keep the hoop up, or have one foot further in front than the other. I really wish I had more space to hoop because it is so much fun.

Thom: “You’re looking really slim and it’s weird for me to get my head around.”
Lucy: “Why? It’s not like I woke up one morning and had dropped loads of weight”
Thom: “I know but I’ve only just noticed, you know I’m not the most observant!”

What Thom said made me chuckle because it’s true, when you see a person who’s losing weight on a regular basis, you don’t tend to notice until it suddenly hits you. I’ve been feeling like that, although I knew I was changing shape, I didn’t realise how much bigger I was than I am now and just how much my body has changed. πŸ˜€


2 thoughts on “My first proper before and after

    • The photo is from last year but I was about the same weight at the end of year, too. From December to late April I was working out 6 days a week, so that probably really sped up the progress, but then I got burn out and now I’m sticking to four days a week. πŸ™‚

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