Today’s run

Distance ran – 2.3km (not including the walk to/from my house)
Total time from leaving the front door to returning – 20:06:37
Warm up – 2:19:27
Time spent running – 15:22 (didn’t catch the milliseconds as sweat was in my eyes!)
Walk home/cool down – 3:45

Bloody hell it is humid today! I was sweating bucket loads so I made sure my stretching when I got home was super long because of how warm my muscles will have gotten.

I’m back on form and kicking ass, so much so Trey struggled to keep up with me the first kilometre. I managed to beat my time on Tuesday by over four minutes (it was 20:04 Tues) and my average pace today was 6:40 secs per km so going that quickly I sure felt how warm the air is! I had two choices – to go a longer distance but at a slower pace or to go the same route/distance as I did last time but at a pace I was used to before I got ill. I decided to go with the latter because I’ve still got a ruck of work to do before I finish for the day so I needed a quick exercise fix.

Enjoy your work outs today, guys!


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