Please give a friendly welcome to Thunderthighsandlows

fitterstrongerbetter and thunderthighsandlows

My sister, who I briefly blogged about running with in April, has joined the dark side and started a fitness blog on WordPress. This is a link to her blog and I’d love it if my followers could stop by and give her a warm welcome. The WP community is a wonderful one and it has certainly helped me having a network of fellow fitness bloggers and fanatics to provide support, advice and encouragement, so it’ll be sure to help her too.

Some of the readers I regularly interact with may find it a little hard to relate to my journey because admittedly I’ve never had an issue with weight, only being a stone over the ideal weight for my height when I was at my heaviest. Ally is a big girl with an even bigger heart, so fellow curvy ladies would probably be more inspired by her progress than mine if I’m perfectly honest. It’s tough enough starting your fitness journey when you’re a healthy weight and decent level of fitness like I was, let alone being a few dress sizes bigger with little to no stamina like Ally was when she started earlier this year.

So if you want a light-hearted fitness and weightloss blog to follow, this is the blog you need to check out! Oh and did I mention she’s absolutely gorgeous? Then again, I am biased. 😉


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