Body shot progress and an important message to remember

“It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop” Confucius

So, I’m going to level with you, after I uploaded these to my laptop to look at them, I felt rather disappointed that I hadn’t made more progress in eight weeks. I flicked back and forth in between the last photos taken March 30th and those taken today, concluding that I hadn’t changed much and that was a total bummer. I was actually so disappointed that I almost decided not to post these but then realised how stupid that was of me and whether I am pleased with my progress or not, I would post them regardless.

Why did I decide to post pictures of my body when I wasn’t happy about the changes (or lack thereof) I had made? In the hopes that it will help teach a valuable lesson to anyone reading this.

The road to fitness is rarely a fast one

I regularly post fitspo to help inspire myself and others when the going gets tough, so we get tougher. However, I think it is easy to lose sight that these pictures of seriously fit individuals are of people who mostly fall under one or more of the following categories:

  • they have trained intensely and they were lucky to avoid injury or burn out, their luck will run out if they don’t respect their limitations
  • they are serious athletes or professional trainers
  • they have gotten fit from months and even years of hard work and determination

Fitness should be a slow-burning flame that may not be bright, but burns for a long, long time. This slow burning is much more preferable than a faster but a short-lived victory. We risk injury, stress and burn out if we train too hard, so it is incredibly important to not only recognise limitations but to respect them too.

I’ve been working out regularly for the past five months. Before I’d go through spats of exercising maybe three times a week for two weeks, then nothing for a month and back again. In the New Year, I made myself a promise that I would take my health and wellbeing seriously and commit to getting fit. It’s been hard, but I’ve never looked back. I could be upset that I haven’t got my desired six pack yet, or that I can’t run 10km yet or even deadlift more than 40kilos, but instead I think it’s crucial to focus on what you have achieved. So with that in mind, I gave myself a metaphorical wrist slapping for being a negative Nancy and got these photos up to share what I have achieved.

I was glum about not having abs yet and felt negative about it. Whenever I feel negative about myself in any way, I make a conscious effort to list two positive things about myself to not only counteract it, but to balance it towards positivity again. Aren’t I just the biggest ray of sunshine? 😉

So, if you’re still reading this, I am encouraging you to tell me two things you have done or noticed about yourself that you are proud of. No negatives, just positives. Leave a comment with these things or make your own post and be sure to link me to it.

I’ll start you off:

  • I have noticed a big change in my back muscles
  • Despite having quite a bit of a break from working out recently, I have not gained any weight

And here are the body shots taken today below, the last ones taken can be found by clicking fitterstrongerbetter body shot progress March .

Fitterstrongerbetter body progress

The second one I didn’t realise was being taken, hence why I’m pulling up my baggy bikini bottoms and talking, but it was either that or a blurry as hell photo! 🙂
The light was doing all sorts of funny things today, that coupled with a bright flash has left some of the pictures looking a bit odd, but nevermind.


8 thoughts on “Body shot progress and an important message to remember

  1. I think you look more toned overall, and your legs look smaller…
    Good on you though, and thank you for the reminder that it’s about the journey too.
    My legs are much stronger and defined, I never thought I would be able to deadlift anything, let alone 155 lbs 🙂

    • 155lbs?! That is absolutely kick ass! And thanks for the input, it’s really tricky to see for myself because it’s my own body. It’s always helpful to get perspective from someone who doesn’t see me on a daily basis. 🙂

  2. You are doing great, the important thing is that you posted these, showing your commitment and accountability and that you recognize your slow but existing progress. I think all of us who are trying to lose weight expect results immediately and become desperate when they take a bit more, but I think we must enjoy the journey and be patient.
    Positive things about myself:
    – Not barfing for 2 months already
    – Working out 5 days a week at least since April.

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