First run in 3 weeks

Today, as my imaginative title suggests, was my first run in about 3 weeks. While I was feeling really ill, I went on the same run and it was awful, I felt so unfit and tired. Hoping I didn’t feel the same way today, I set off at a more leisurely pace than I had been running at before and completed the 2.3km loop in 20:03 minutes which is pretty good going.

It felt like an assault course with styles to go over, a five bar gate to climb and about 10 furrows in the ploughed field to leap over and I had so much fun, I was really glad that I could manage running again.

Warm up and cool down included, the full time came to 25:59 to walk to/from my house and whatnot.

I was a little concerned with the 5km run in a month’s time that I wouldn’t be able to run it, now I’m sure I can so long as I go out running twice a week. As Borat would say, great success!


8 thoughts on “First run in 3 weeks

  1. I use for the same mapping. Actually, I was talking about how pretty the course is, and seemingly flat, and with many corners. I hate out and back runs and I hate hills. It looks like a beautiful place to run.

    • Aw, stop, you’re making me blush! It’s easy to work towards so long as you remember you’re still going way faster than the couch potatoes sat at home in front of the telly or still in bed if you’re a morning runner. 😉

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