My first yoga session

I did my first yoga session yesterday and boy am I feeling it today. Must’ve stretched too far with my leg because the outer thigh muscles are really sore today, guess I’ll have to go to the gym on Sunday then!

I’ve got to admit, I really didn’t enjoy it. Years of smoking meant I was about near to pass out when I was breathing in deeply and I found it rather boring. Maybe I’ll get into it more as I do it more, but for now I’d much rather be doing something fast-paced, which is why I’m going to be doing yoga a few times a week until I like it. I know it’ll be good for me, so I’ll stick at it.

I’m a bit gutted that I can’t go to the gym today, I was actually really looking forward to it. I’ll wait until it cools down this evening and take the dogs out for a walk so I’m still out and about doing something active.

Headache’s are still touch and go but admittedly my lethargy is improving and I feel incredibly relaxed. Sunday marks the end of the 10 days I gave myself off to focus on my health and I think it helped. I’ve then got about 9 full days of work before I go on holiday for two weeks and I really need the break so I’m very excited.

Hope you all rock your workouts today!


6 thoughts on “My first yoga session

  1. Sometimes you just have to listen to your body… Yoga isn’t for everyone! I never liked it until I did some yoga in the park in the summer. Yoga with views on the mountain was incredibly relaxing. Yoga at the studio not so much… Maybe if you find a different class you might like it better?

  2. I use to hate yoga…. now I love it.. but I’m in a completely different place mentally than I was in when I first tried it. For me yoga is a about a quiet strength and trying to find happiness in the journey. If you didn’t enjoy it, maybe try power or vinyasa yoga.. they can be faster paced and more challenging.

  3. you know, maybe its the type of yoga you’re doing. I always thought yoga was boring until I did vinyasa. I like it better because it feels more fast paced as one move flows into another. Maybe you will like it more too! lol.

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