Still in the medical grey zone!

The bloodwork was all normal so I’ve been given some anti-inflammatories to see if they can help the headaches, if not then I’ll be referred to specialists.

I’m currently off work so I’m broke as hell, but I went to Zumba on Wednesday, I’m going tonight and will be running tomorrow, so I’m determined to keep up some level of physical fitness.


7 thoughts on “Still in the medical grey zone!

      • yeah I have read a lot about stress bringing on a lot of issues. its serious biz. like parkinsons can be brought on by too much stress. crazy what our minds can do to our physical body you know? I always wonder about this so that’s why I’m starting yoga. I stress a lot and I feel like it does effect me physically. My mom is a big stress person too, so she does meditation in the morning. I hope you find something that works for you and that you find relief! ❤ Take care of yourself!

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