Fitness in London

Lisa and I in London at Laduree’s

The Dame

I’ve gotta say, I’ve never been so fit in my life and yet doing the touristy things in London completely took it out of me.

After a rather eventful train journey where I was called beautiful by an old man and spoke to a widow about her husband before giving her the biggest hug of her life as we parted ways, I got into London on Friday at 4pm.

I met Tracey and we walked a mile to her flat from the underground station and ditched my heavy bag before we went back out to meet Lisa for tea at Laduree in Covent Gardens. Lisa’s really into fitness and self improvement so it was great to hang out and talk about work outs and whatnot without boring someone to tears.

After we said goodbye to Lisa we went on a proper mission in Soho looking for a Vegan restaurant that I’d heard good things about. It was on a street no one seemed to have heard of so we used a BB app to try and locate it and, of course, it sent us the long way round as if we were driving. It wasn’t all bad though, because we walked past a Whole Foods store which are like hen’s teeth in Britain. I picked up coconut water, almond butter, oat flour so I can finally make protein bars and different types of organic tea; I was in heaven!

We finally reached the vegan restaurant called Vantra (it is literally off Soho square on Soho St for anyone who is visiting London) and it was lovely. Nice ambience, one of my favourite singers playing in the background and for £14 it was all you can eat. I tucked into plenty of mousaka, cauliflower curry, bombay potatoes, thai coconut rice noodles, spicy lentil soup, chai tea fruit juice.

In the evening we went back out to Soho and got our dancing shoes on. We went to the Candy Bar as it is one of my favourite places due to the fact that it was a lesbian bar and men have no sense of personal boundaries in London clubs. I wasn’t drinking but I sure danced like I had been and even got on the tables. Tracey’s lesson? If you’re easily embarrassed, do not take me anywhere!

After a late night, we got up early and dragged our sleepy asses to a brilliant aussie coffee bar and got breakfast. My breakfast was smoked salmon and poached eggs on a cauliflower and courgette (zuccini) fritter bed which was delicious, proper coffee and a blueberry bran muffin.

We then went to aquarium, not before standing outside in the rain for an hour though of course before we went to the Damien Hirst exhibition at Tate Modern. The exhibition was very cool and I’m looking forward to writing about it for work. At this point, no coffee in the world could have perked me up and it was a very long trip back home from our capital. I got home and slept for 13 hours straight!

Due to the Olympics, I won’t be visiting again any time soon but I can guarantee I’ll be visiting Vantra again for some vegan noms. I’ve never walked so much in my life so today I’m having a much needed rest.


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