Holy hell!

I love seeing comparison photos of before someone’s exercise regime was implemented and how much they’ve changed since so here’s my most recent one. The left was taken a year ago for a fancy dress party, while the right is one taken today while I was trying on my clubbing outfits for London tomorrow.

I’m really happy with how much progress I’ve made and for the first time I actually feel sexy, not simply beautiful or pretty, but womanly thanks to weightlifting and intense cardio. I hope this helps inspire those who are just starting out.


12 thoughts on “Holy hell!

  1. This is pretty cool and so good for you! Not to get all deep but pictures are a great way for us to see the benefits of our hard work. Great job once again!!!

  2. I was in Norwich in September and I kept seeing girls in Minnie Mouse and other character costumes in the clubs and walking around the marketplace. Don’t see that around here! BTW you are looking awesome keep up the good work!

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