So that’s where my butt muscles are!

This morning I Zumba’d for half an hour, which I can’t say I really count as proper exercise ‘cos of my level of fitness but it is damn good fun. Then Trey and I went for a run, I ran 2km in 16 mins 11 secs, stopped at the top of the hill and did my 3 sets of squats.

First set was on my toes, super controlled and super low with my arms up and level with my shoulders followed by a 30 sec break of walking.
Second set was with weights. I had to use my imagination and pick Trey up, who is 5.5kilos and with my elbows at a 90 degree angle, I did another 10 controlled full squats followed by a 30 sec break of walking.
Third set was same as first and then while walking home I could really feel my butt muscles, quite a bizarre feeling!

I’ll be doing a proper squat post tonight but just a quick reminder if you’re doing the challenge:

New to squats/not fit enough to manage the full 30? Do 6 sets of 5 squats, alternating between half and full squats with a 30 sec break.
30 full squats too easy? Do them on your toes!
Still too easy?? Add weights – don’t do this on your toes though as losing your balance could mean injuries. Ladies don’t be afraid to use the heavier weights, little weights that require less effort to lift won’t do a thing.


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