Fitness challenge: 210 full squats

zusana light squat

Starting on Sunday, I am throwing down the gauntlet for myself and any of my followers who are wanting to tone their thighs. We are going to be doing 30 squats a day for 7 days. I’m not talking about half squats either, I mean full butt down past your knees squats.

Already masters of the squat? Do the squats while on your toes – the killer.

Who’s with me? You can tag them on to the end of your workouts and on your days off just a quick warm up, squats then 5 minutes walk and stretch to cool down.
Can’t do a full squat set? Don’t worry, alternate 5 sets/6 reps full squat then half squat.

Remember to do them in sets with a break in between to prevent burning yourself out! Also have your toes pointed out at a 30 degree angle, that way if you’re struggling to lift yourself back up, your knees won’t buckle in.

Go for it, kick your ass metaphorically and sculpt those thighs. Let me know how you get on.


13 thoughts on “Fitness challenge: 210 full squats

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