Today’s gym time

I spent 90 minutes at the gym this evening and I’m certainly feeling good for it!

I started out on the X-trainer for 15 minutes on hill settings between 50 and 80 speed, burning 121 calories.

I then moved on to weightlifting and for the first time I got no misogynistic commentary for being in the weight room. In fact, quite the contrary, I had two guys tell me it was good to see a girl lifting weights.

Exercises and sets/reps:
Bench press – 1 set no weight to warm arm muscles up then 4 sets with 10k/8 reps
Half squats – 1 set just the 20k bar to warm up legs and get used to the movement again, then 2 sets 30k and 2 sets 27.5k of 8 reps
Military press – considering I haven’t weightlifted for 3 weeks (I was shocked it’d been that long and I hadn’t realised), my arms were pretty tired by this point, I went to bring the 15kilo bar up to my chest and I couldn’t do it. Mega embarrassing but I left that exercise for another day.
Side bend (click here to see what I mean) with 15k bar, 4 sets of 8.

I also lifted 15 kilo weight discs 10 times putting them on and off the racks!

I then finished off my work out by running 2.25km on the treadmill in 15 minutes; 13 of that was spent running at 9km/ph, 1 minute was spent at 6km/ph when my chest hurt and 1 minute cool down at 3km/ph.

I’m incredibly happy to say that today while running in front of the mirrors, I noticed I’ve got the start of ab definition and I could see my bottom ribs on both sides. I haven’t seen my ribs stood up since I was 16 and I’ve never, ever seen my abs before as I used to be skinny-fat. I took some photos yesterday to update my body progress and I was disappointed to find that it looked like I’d actually gained fat, rather than changed shape and looked smaller. However after seeing the outline of my abs as a whole (no further definition yet) and my ribs, I know I’m on the right track and I’m ecstatic. To be honest, it looks as though I was wearing my bikini bottoms lower on my hips than I did in the last shot and, seeing as I’m still a little muffin-top-y, it probably made me look big when I’m not.

Hope you’ve all had good work outs today!


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