My running streak!

The lady’s on a roll!

Yesterday was my ‘day off’ but I did go for a little 2km interval run with my boyfriend, Thom, who has just started running. He coped so well, I was really impressed; I don’t think I reacted that well for about 3 weeks! He’s started running for a completely selfless reason which is to be able to participate in charity runs. I know once he gets bitten by the bug he’ll be wanting to carry on with or without the charity runs but I admire him for starting out for charity like the philanthropist he is. How many people do you know who’ve started working out for reasons other than health, fitness and weightloss?

Today I am chuffed (pleased/happy for my overseas friends), it’s been my fourth day in a row running, 5km on Friday, 4km Saturday, 2km Sunday (a total of 11km) and today I have done; 6.2KM!!

It’s the furthest I’ve ever run before and probably even walked and I spent 42:08 minutes running and 46:57 minutes in total including 3 minute cool down (I warmed up in the house because it was cold out and wanted to be warm before I hit the outside air) and 2 minutes where I was on uneven ground/when I got stitch once because I was overthinking my breathing.

That means in the past four days I’ve done 18.2km. Tomorrow I’ll be doing a ZWOW (youtube search it if you’re unsure what it means) and then Wednesday I’ll be weightlifting so that’s my running done for the week unless I go with Thom on Wednesday evening when he comes over.

I’ve rubbed the inside of my arms badly with the tank top that I’m wearing that has that tough synthetic stitching and they’re feeling pretty raw. For the last kilometre I ran with my arms above my head so I must’ve looked like a pretty big jackass. Other than the arms thing, I feel great knowing that I actually could’ve run further and still been fine.

If I get time after work this evening, I will be posting an entry with running tips! If not, you’ll have to wait at the edge of your seats til tomorrow.Ā šŸ˜‰

Hope you’re all having a good day and good work outs!

Edit: my brother who does engineering figured out how many minutes it takes me to run a kilometre and it’s 6.48 on average which has made my week! I cross referenced it with a calculator online and it was correct. And there was me thinking I’m a slowpoke!


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