Today’s run

Today’s run – 4km
Time running – 27:50
Total time on route – 37:40

The muscles in my arms, shoulders, back and thighs are thoroughly aching after yesterday’s weightlifting session so this route was a bit gruelling. Very pretty scenery, spent a fair bit of time walking because I get stopped by people who want to ask things about my tattoos, comment on my dog and ask me about running, thankfully they pick times where I’m walking and don’t interrupt my session!


2 thoughts on “Today’s run

    • It’s appalling how lazy people have become since the introduction of cars and the internet. I’m not sure about other countries but the UK now has a takeaway order website, so you don’t even have to move other than to the door to accept the delivery which is utterly ridiculous. And then we wonder why obesity is at an all time high.

      There’s no excuse, Rich Gaspari is ripped and he only has one arm. If I can overcome not being able to walk unassisted to the point where I’m exercising 5-6days a week, these lazy people without serious health problems can get fit. They just choose to hide behind excuses. Haven’t got enough time? An hour’s workout is just 6% of your total time spent awake. Haven’t got any money? Do simple work outs using Youtube or start out by power-walking. The exercising bit is simple, it’s a lack of motivation and discipline that causes people to fail.

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