Losing weight for the right reasons

I feel like this point is an important one to make because too many people seem to be wanting to lose weight for unhealthy reasons. If you’re wanting to be slimmer and body acceptance/improved self esteem are your driving forces behind it, I would be wary.

We’re force fed in society every single day with images of slim girls/muscular guys as if that is the norm, where as the UK size average for the past 5 years has been a size 16 (that’s a size 14 in US sizes, I think) so it is far from the norm. Obesity is a huge issue (excuse the pun!) and one we really need to tackle, starting with ourselves and inspiring others along the way.

Why do I think self-esteem and acceptance are negative reasons for losing weight? Because no matter what size you are, you should feel comfortable. What’s to say that when you do reach your target weight, you’ll be satisfied and happy with how you look? I’ve known too many people who still feel the same after achieving significant weight loss because they then shift their attention to boob jobs, nose jobs etc. once again force fed by the media.

Did you know that H&M openly admitted to photoshopping model’s faces onto computer-generated images of bodies? So not even models can achieve this ‘perfection’ by the standards of advertising. It’s sad, isn’t it.

If you want to lose weight, brilliant, good on you, so long as you’re not a ‘normal’ weight to begin with. However, I would advise to focus on reasons such as wanting to feel better mentally and physically through exercise or wanting to see how far you can progress with fitness, these are healthy reasons behind weight loss and exercise programs.

I chose to exercise because I loved how my mood improved, how much more energy I felt as a direct result of working out and to see how far I could go with it. I hope to lose a few pounds here and there on my body, but I don’t obsess over it as I know that is not a healthy mindset to get into.

If you go into exercising seriously with the right reasons in mind, weight loss is simply an added bonus, it should not be your sole focus.


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